Limitless Scented Quick Dry Top Coat

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  Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat is our very first 5 free scented quick dry.   Benefits of Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat:  - 5 free - Quick dry - Hours of amazing scent - The formula is not…

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Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat is our very first 5 free scented quick dry.


Benefits of Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat:

 - 5 free
 - Quick dry
 - Hours of amazing scent
 - The formula is not too thick, not too thin
 - Glossy shine
 - Non smearing
 - Non shrinking
 - Dries to a rock hard finish
 - Keeps your mani protected and long lasting.

- Available in Unscented


Keeps your manis protected, long lasting, and super shiny with Limitless Top Coat. Expect up to 2 weeks wear when pairing this top coat with any of our available base coats.

*Gorgeous shots from @bedlambeauty @cosmeticsanctuary @polishedtonines and @cdbnails143


Tips and Tricks:


  • Keep products out of direct sunlight.
  • As with all top coats, please float the top coat over all nail art. Touching the brush to your nails will result in smudged nail art.
  • Smell the scent after your top coat has completely dried.

You may notice a very slight change of tint in certain scents. This is due to the color in the fragrance oil and will not affect your polish in any way.


Disclaimer:Please keep all scented base and top coats out of sun and direct heat. The sun/heat will discolor your product. Please also note that the discoloring of the product will not affect the polish or the color of polish whatsoever.


Ingredients: Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butyl Acetate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Acrylates Copolymer, Trimethyl Pentanyl Disobutyrate, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Benzophenone-1, Etocrylene, Dimethicone, Violet 2, Fragrance.


46 Reviews

  • Quick Dry Top Coat

    Posted by Diann Lehman on Apr 27th 2024

    Works so fast and is so shiny!

  • Best top coat ever

    Posted by Laur on Mar 26th 2024

    I bought this top coat from PPU and then immediately had to order two more because it really is THAT GOOD. I'm never using another QDTC again. 5 mins tops idk probably less but I'm paranoid about smudging. Perfect if you have no patience for drying and it lasts a long time. If this ever stops being made idk what I will do. 100/10 will buy forever.

  • Holy potato, THIS topcoat!!

    Posted by Jasmine on Feb 13th 2024

    This is going to be my only choice of topcoat for as long as it's available. I can pick a scent to suit my mood and it's setting enough within 10 minutes or so that I can already start touching things without fear. My only issue is that when I get to the second half of the bottle, the mixture is starts to thicken. I'm not sure if that's because of the way I store it, the heat of my environment, if I'm not using it quick enough or if thats just the way the mixture is but it isn't enough of an issue that I will ever stop choosing this first.

  • Limitless scented quick dry topcoat

    Posted by Mary on Feb 13th 2024

    Such a beautiful, glossy top coat! It dries the polish so fast. I can get on with my life without worrying about smudging my mani.

  • Awesome Top Coat

    Posted by Stephanie on Feb 2nd 2024

    This is my first Quick Dry Top Coat and honestly, I don't think I need another! It goes on easy and is really tough to boot -- my current mani's already a week old with barely any wear. I love the variety of scents too; the one I got (Sorcery) is fun and sweet without being overwhelming. I'll definitely be back for more!

Limitless Scented Quick Dry Top Coat


Limitless Scented Quick Dry Top Coat